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  • The Features Of Clean Room Wipers


    Clean Room Wipers are high performance wipes specially designed for cleaning and maintaining clean room environments. In highly sensitive industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, optoelectronics and food processing, maintaining a dust-free and sterile working environment is c Read More
  • What Is Sticky Roller?


    Sticky Roller is a commonly used cleaning tool, mainly used to remove dust, hair, fibers and other tiny particles from the surface. Its simple yet effective design is widely used in home, office and industrial environments.The working principle of the sticky roller is very simple, it consists of a r Read More
  • Clean Room Wiper Roll: Keeping Your Environment Spotless


    Cleanliness is of utmost importance, especially in environments that require a high level of sterility and precision. Clean room facilities, commonly found in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and electronics, demand a pristine environment to ensure product quality and employee safe Read More
We specialized in ESD and clean room products mainly for ESD disposable latex finger cots, ESD gloves and ESD lab coats, for clean room products, clean room printing paper, clean room writing notebooks, clean room wipers and microfiber cloth.

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